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01. Stop blogging. Start running a business.

Kelly Holmes

Learn the mindset shifts + action steps to go from burned-out blogger to Smart CEO.

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02. Listen to the Podcast

Expert interviews of people just like you who have gone from Blogger to Entrepreneur >> Listen and get inspiring success stories, actionable insights, and a healthy dose of light-hearted business brilliance you can use right away.

Here's what podcast listeners are saying...

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone wanting to profit without sacrificing their sanity or their personal lives. I've listened to the first three episodes and walked away feeling empowered, along with the front an back of a piece of notebook paper filled with notes, valuable takeaways, and lots of inspiration. 

Karla Archer - Archer Creative

True to form, Jeni provides rich, relevant, inspiring information with none of the fluff. I listened to the first three episodes in one sitting and was ready to listen to more! Ideas & strategies from those first three episodes are still churning in my head, and for the first time EVER, I'll probably go back and listen again. I'm recommending Blog Smarter and this podcast to ALL of my blogging friends!

Kayse Pratt Intentional Moms

This podcast is WELL WORTH my time. As a blogger/business owner I appreciate Jeni's straightforward delivery style, as well as her emphasis on PROFIT — and profit not being a bad word! After listening to the first two episodes I'm hooked and will eagerly await more. Thanks, Jeni, for serving the online community well!

Mary Prather - Homegrown Learners

Stop blogging.
Start running a business.

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