How to Use Online Course Testimonials to Share Success Stories + Boost Sales

017: Using Testimonials to Share Success Stories & Counter Objections

From her 2 decades of small business experience, Maggie Patterson is an expert on using online course testimonials and success story case studies to propel your business forward. On this inspiring episode of the 10X Profits podcast, Maggie shares actionable steps you can use today to start capturing the information that really matters to your business.

You’ll hear about key components that make up a great testimonial and how to move past your fear of asking for feedback. Maggie also explains the difference between testimonials and case studies, and how you can effectively leverage both.

Discover her need-to-know secret for making testimonial collection actually happen in your day-to-day operations and so many more insights that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to listen to this episode for the full story.

Get better online course testimonials, with Maggie Patterson

In this episode, listen for

  • [0:30] Introducing Maggie Patterson and her 2 decades of experience in small business growth
  • [6:05] What makes a great testimonial?
  • [9:38] Take these steps to capture testimonials
  • [12:30] The difference between a regular testimonial and a case study
  • [15:50] Here’s how to capture an amazing testimonial
  • [18:37] This #1 question will create a powerful testimonial and case study
  • [24:30] Help your client prepare for telling their case study story
  • [28:13] Testimonials can help you counter objections in your business
  • [31:15] Maggie’s need-to-know secret for business testimonials
  • [34:25] Lightning round with Maggie Patterson

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What’s the difference between a testimonial and a case study?

Course testimonials and case studies inject a level of credibility into your business that is unparalleled. There are a few key differences to understand when brainstorming ways to capture this feedback on your business. Course testimonials are written in the customer’s voice – it’s short, direct, and often just a quote or brief paragraph.

A case study, however, tells the customer’s complete story from beginning to end. Throughout 2-3 pages, a case study outlines the customer’s challenge, the solution, and the outcome in a relatable way. Prospective buyers want to see themselves reflected in the featured scenario, especially those who are investing more time and money into your product/service. Case studies need to be about the customer – showcase them! Include video, audio, photos – anything that will help buyers connect with the story on a personal level.

THIS question is the key to capturing effective #OnlineCourse testimonials, and you don’t want to miss hearing Maggie Patterson’s full explanation of this idea on this episode of the #10XProfits podcast. Click to Tweet

Testimonials do 2 things: share success stories and counter objections

Course testimonials are critical to your business’ success. Not only do they highlight previous successes and allow prospective buyers to put themselves in your clients’ shoes, but they also serve as a counterbalance for all the objections running through your buyers’ heads. For example, if a buyer keeps telling themselves, “It’ll take too much time to enroll in that online course,” your course testimonials need to explain, “This course was well designed, organized, and the time I invested was always impactful.”

Find a way to talk about the solution to your prospect’s problem in your course testimonials, and you’ll watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

How to capture great online course testimonials using this ONE question

Maggie offers a few guidelines to consider when developing your course testimonial collection process. Here they are:

  • Make data collection part of your day-to-day operations – don’t let testimonials become an afterthought
  • When talking with a client, be sure to follow their story and not your pre-set list of questions
  • Make testimonial conversations painless for the interviewee
  • Follow up the conversation for specific data points
  • Consider writing the testimonial and sending it to your client for approval and editing – make the process easier for them

Finally, Maggie shares her #1 question to ask when developing testimonials, “What is the impact this product/service has had on your business? (If possible, please include numbers.)” This question is the key to effective course testimonials, and you don’t want to miss Maggie’s full explanation of this idea. Listen now!

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