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If you've ever dreamed of building your blog into something more than just a hobby, you're in the right place.

Biz Mavens is much more than "how to blog." You'll get the tools you need to achieve your goals – whether it's starting a new blog, growing your readership, or making money blogging.

Most importantly, you'll get what you need to take your blog to the next level with a clear sense of purpose, direction, and the know-how to run your blog like a well-oiled business.

If you're looking for RESULTS – if you want to be not just a blogger, but a successful entrepreneur – then stick around. »

Hi, I'm Kelly. 

I believe that when you stop hustling and simply start running a smarter business, you have the time (and energy!) to live more.

Blog coach Kelly Holmes

My goal is to help you grow your online biz—but not with spammy self-promotion that takes up all your time.

I want you to biz Smarter.

And because of that, I send exclusive emails just to my list. That's right—my subscribers get insider access to even better content than what's on the blog.

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Thank you to @bizmavens for inspiring me to be better in every single post. If you don't subscribe, you really should.

Kim Woodward, Newly Woodwards, via Twitter

I know I've said this before, but @bizmavens freaking rocks.

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Jenna Guizar, Blessed is She, via Twitter

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Meet Kelly Holmes, Your Biz Mavens Leader

For more than 15 years, I worked as a professional writer and editor at a billion-dollar company, where I became the go-to expert on the best techniques for getting readers to actually read . . . and then take action.

But I wasn't happy.

Kelly and her family

I'd had enough of corporate life—the long hours away from my family plus the nagging feeling that I was slaving away for someone else, instead of myself.

So I started a parenting site (a "mommy blog" some might say) because that's the stage of life I was in. I wanted to cultivate a community for parents who are doing their best—and who need grace and support.

I applied the strategies I'd perfected over my corporate career and steadily, organically . . . my site grew. Within a year of leaving corporate, my income had quadrupled, putting me on track for my first 6-figure year. (Life goal: Check.)

And since then? My husband quit his job to stay home with our four kids (bless him), I work less than 20 hours a week, and I publish new posts about once a month . . . if that.

But wait a second . . .

How is it even possible that I'm NOT on the hamster wheel of churning out posts 3x a week . . . and yet I still make enough from my parenting site to support my family of six?!

To be clear, I don't have a huge archive of posts built up, I don't spend all my time on social media, and I don't have the best site design money can buy (shh don't tell anyone but it's a $50 theme).

The reason I'm making a good living without killing myself to do it?

Because I biz Smarter.

And you can, too.

Once or twice a year, I open up doors for the Blog Smarter mentorship program.

Inside this program, you get the exact step-by-step Biz Smarter process for turning your blog into a powerful brand so you can quit the Rat Race and grow a community of raving superfans. Subscribers who read every word you write, buy everything you make, and tell all their friends about you – they become your brand ambassadors, so you can quit the endless cycle of publish-promote-publish-promote and step up to being a CEO.

Here's the catch:

Seats sell out FAST (every single time the doors have opened, we've had to close doors early!). So I'm giving you the chance to find out early when doors are opening.

If you want to get more info about the Blog Smarter program and find out first when enrollment will open, 
join the waiting list here and I'll send you all the info.

No pressure, no commitment required. After you join the waiting list, you'll get a confirmation email (read it!) so you'll know it worked.

In the meantime, if you're looking for immediate help with meeting your blogging and business goals, you can work with me as your blogging coach.

Where Biz Mavens began . . .

Back in 2012, online entrepreneur Jeni Elliott started a site called The Blog Maven because she wanted to help bloggers spend less time blogging and more time living. It's through that site that she first launched the Blog Smarter program.

In that same timeframe, I started Sticky Blogging where I teach bloggers how to grab the reader's attention, compel her to keep reading, and turn her into a true fan who will keep coming back for more.

And in the midst of our separate journeys, Jeni and I connected and quickly became business besties because . . .

  • We both have one million four kids.
  • We're passionate about helping bloggers focus on what truly matters in their businesses, so they can enjoy their lives more.
  • We both agree: Business is not an emergency, but a journey. It's not so much about what you're accomplishing, as about who you're becoming.

As Jeni rebranded from The Blog Maven to Biz Mavens, we stayed in close contact.

When her students needed help learning how to write in a way that moves the reader to take action? She sent folks to my Sticky Blogging course.

And when my students needed help shifting from a blogger mindset to a biz owner mindset? I recommended they check out the Blog Smarter program.

So when Jeni asked me to join the leadership team of Biz Mavens, I jumped at the chance to help bloggers take the next most powerful step in their journey to becoming a smart CEO.

Moving forward, I'll take the reins on leading the Blog Smarter program and the Biz Mavens site.

But if you happen to catch Jeni on Twitter or have a minute to drop her an email, please join me in sharing your gratitude.

She built this AMAZING Biz Mavens community from the ground up and spent years sharing her priceless biz wisdom here and through the Blog Smarter program.

Thank you, Jeni!

Stop blogging.
Start running a business.

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