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019: THIS Productivity System Leads to More Success in Blogging and Online Course Development

How many times has your to-do list taken away valuable time from creative work and online course development? Far too many entrepreneurs get distracted by life’s endless lists that don’t actually help you progress in your business. On this episode of the 10X Profits podcast, I’ll introduce you to a new way of getting things done – the “3 M’s” system. By making a master list of all the tasks in your business, you can start to determine which areas require the most attention, and which offer the best results.

You’ll hear why focusing on 3 main components of your business will not only lead to greater profitability but also a higher level of fulfillment in your work. I promise it’ll be an inspiring, actionable episode that you don’t want to miss – listen now!

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In this episode, listen for

  • [0:30] Life is demanding – your business shouldn’t just be another to-do list
  • [3:34] The secret behind a successful “3 M’s” system
  • [5:12] Focus #1 – Money-making projects
  • [7:00] Focus #2 – Marketing
  • [8:24] Focus #3 – Maintenance
  • [9:58] Here’s your action plan for a 3 M system

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The “3 M’s” productivity system leads to better online course development & it starts with Focus #1 – Money-Making Projects

The “3 M’s” productivity system is simply a way for you to determine which tasks require YOUR energy, and which can be delegated. It’s comprised of 3 main Focuses: money-making projects, marketing, and maintenance.

The projects that actually make you money need to be your #1 focus most of the time. In your business, this could mean writing sales pages, developing a new line of offers, or diverting time towards online course development. The details may differ but the core belief remains the same – if you don’t spend time on the projects that actually make you money, you WON’T make any money.

If you don’t spend time on the projects that actually make you #money, you WON’T make any money. Learn how to refocus your #time and #energy on this actionable episode of the #10XProfits podcast. Listen now! Click to Tweet

Marketing is Focus #2 because it ensures the right people are being driven to the right offer or product

Marketing is the second Focus in the “3 M’s” because it delivers the best prospects right to your doorstep. Without spending time on Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Instagram story content, etc., you’ll never see maximum results from all your hard work.

The return on investment from marketing can be tough to track, but don’t let that deter you. I promise, having a well-planned marketing strategy can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, and you can’t afford to neglect it.

Focus #3 is business maintenance – Sexy? No. Necessary? 100% Yes!

Maintenance on your business is the often boring, yet necessary, tasks that seem to take up most of our to-do lists. Updating your website, responding to dozens of emails, and other small tasks can chip away at your most product timeframes if you’re not careful. These tasks are necessary, but don’t let it take up 100% of your time. Consider delegating or outsourcing these tasks so that your energy is best spent being creative – not operating the back-end of your business. You’ll finally have more money for online course development and other money making projects.

Planning your “3 M’s” can be done in just an hour or two, and I promise it’ll make the rest of your days and weeks much more productive. For the full story, be sure to check out this episode of the 10X Profits podcast!

The #ROI from #marketing can be tough to track, but don’t let that deter you! Marketing is essential for any successful #OnlineBusiness. Be sure to hear all the insider tips marketing and #productivity on this ep of the #10XProfits podcast. Click to Tweet

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Thank you for the 3M’s post. It was totally refreshing and very inspiring. I’m just starting my blog and it is very helpful to know where to put my energy. Now I can go forward more focussed.

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