How to Create and Sell Courses Online: Learn Amy Porterfield's Secrets!

016: Learn Amy Porterfield’s Secrets on How to Create and Sell Courses Online!

Are you ready to start learning how to create and sell courses online? For the best roadmap to online course creation success, look no further than this episode of the 10X Profits podcast. My guest Amy Porterfield, an online marketing expert and successful entrepreneur, is here to explain her insider secrets on how you CAN create successful online courses while balancing life, work, and family.

She outlines her 7 steps that will result in a better final product with fewer long hours that seemingly get you nowhere. You’ll hear about how to refine your course idea, develop a scripting process, and how to develop habits that lead to success.

It’s a conversation you can’t afford to miss, so be sure to listen!

Amy's lovely self

In this episode, listen for

  • [0:30] All about Amy Porterfield, the queen of online marketing
  • [7:05] You CAN create an online course on a tight schedule!
  • [10:33] The first steps for creating online courses
  • [14:20] What does the online course creation process look like
  • [22:11] The scripting process for online course creation
  • [25:15] You CAN succeed in this world by accepting B minus work – here’s how!
  • [31:45] More best practices for online course creation from Amy
  • [37:47] Don’t fear online courses just because of previous failures with creating online content
  • [42:30] Amy’s 10X Profits lightning round
  • [54:14] Here’s how to get connected with Amy and her products


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You CAN create and sell courses online on a tight schedule – here’s how!

You may be asking yourself, “How can I create and sell courses online if I have limited time to devote to the project?” Amy encourages you to not let the fear of an even busier schedule keep you from developing an online course that you’re proud of.

The key to creating quality online courses within a limited time frame is to break it into manageable pieces. You don’t need large chunks of time – you only need to be committed to the process from start to finish. Several 30-minute segments of 100% focus will always get you further than hours of distracted work.

Creating time management habits and staying committed to your end goal will allow you to be more successful than most. Mindset is everything, and Amy walks you through the process on this episode of the 10X Profits podcast. Ready to create and sell courses online? Check it out!

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Amy’s 7-step roadmap for efficient online course creation

Amy breaks down the online course creation process into 7 main segments in this insightful episode. If you take this process and combine it with your own strategy, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert on how to create and sell courses online.

  1. Finalize your course idea. Ask yourself, “What do I know well? Where have I gotten results in the past? What does my audience want?”
  2. Organize the entire course. This is where you’ll spend the majority of your time. Spend at least 1 week, 45 minutes per day, rearranging and refining the flow of the course segments. Decide on how many modules, how many videos per module, and any extra resources you may need to develop.
  3. Determine how you will be recording your material (slide decks with your voice, direct-to-camera strategies, etc.)
  4. Start recording.
  5. Edit your recordings. (Amy suggests editing each segment immediately after recording whenever possible.)
  6. Determine your format and platform. Consider simple design elements for your first course and definitely use a tool that allows you to password protect your intellectual property.
  7. Market and sell the course online.

Don’t miss these expert insights on online marketing and course creation!

One of the greatest gold nuggets of advice from my conversation with Amy is this, “The business you’re building now won’t be the same business you’re running just a few years from now, and that’s okay!” Amy encourages you to be okay making big mistakes and allow yourself to pivot and change directions as your business evolves.

Throughout this interview, Amy shares countless insights that can help you refine your course development process. For the full story you’ll have to listen to the audio, but don’t miss these highlights from this episode of the 10X Profits podcast.

  • Having a committed mindset is everything
  • Consider recycling former content (ebooks, blog posts, etc.) into online course modules
  • Don’t spend dozens of hours on your website until it’s actually making you money
  • Become an A+ leader for your team, but encourage and accept B- level work – it is successful!
Mindset & dedication is everything, and @AmyPorterfield walks you through her proven process for creating stellar #OnlineCourses on this episode of the #10XProfits podcast. Listen now! #OnlineMarketing #blog #online Click to Tweet

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