The Kind of Success That Will Burn You Out (+ HOPE for the weary blogger!)

The Kind of Success That Will Burn You Out (+ HOPE for the weary blogger!)

How to blog smarter | Quit the frantic search for MORE & start saying yes to a simpler, more productive life

That’s how much money most folks think they want to make with their blogs.

Sure, it starts out simply enough. Y’know, follow a basic tutorial on “how to start your blog” and actually blog from the heart when you first start out.

But as soon as you paste some ad code in your sidebar and that first golden dollar rolls in from AdSense, it starts this…fire.

And the little spark of your first dollar is…exciting, y’know? Like, the gateway drug to online business, and MAYBE if you can earn ONE dollar, you can earn one hundred.

Or maybe even more.

And so you find yourself sending your spouse to bed alone while you surf Pinterest, innocently looking for ways to get those page views up. Because page views = money, right?

But here’s where you start to encounter a little friction. Because if page views = money and the holy grail = traffic, then the going advice is something like…

  • Post 3x a week
  • Create “pinnable images” for every post
  • Join an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group for “serious bloggers only”
  • Post 4x a week
  • Sell your firstborn child to the circus to pay to pay for better hosting (after all, faster page loading times >> readers will stay longer and click more ads, right??).
  • Ask bloggers who’ve already “made it” to let you guest post on their sites. (Only beg a *little*)
  • Buy a DSLR camera for the GREAT DEAL of only $489 and hope that images were really your problem in the first place
  • Hire a VA
  • Fire your VA, because those pinnable images she’s making for you? Aren’t paying the freight.
  • Frantically search Pinterest for MORE things you can do, because the reason you’re NOT HAPPY YET is because you’re not doing ENOUGHHHH, right?

…And your Pinterest search turns up something like this:

(Side note: if that image hits a little too close to home and you’re verging on suicidal, step AWAY. From. The. Browser.)


At a certain point, even if you *are* making money blogging, your blog can start to feel a little like…a prison.

Riddle me this…

Welcome to the blogging rat race.If you’re googling things like…

  • How do I get more traffic to my blog?
  • How often should I send a newsletter?
  • How many times per HOUR should I post to social media?

You may as well be asking,

“What else can I add to my plate, in the scramble to be a successful blogger?”

Which is *almost* the same as asking…

How fast do I need to run on this hamster wheel to get to the finish line before everyone else?”

…And at a certain point, you realize that the online business you wanted to run?

Is now running YOU.

…But you DO know there’s an alternative, right?


This month, I released a brand new podcast based on a Smarter way to run your online business. And — spoiler alert — it has nothing to do with page views.

It has to do with realizing you don’t have a traffic problem.

It has to do with understanding that social media isn’t a blogging strategy.

And the way to freedom isn’t asking what MORE you can do…

It’s asking what you can CUT OUT to serve your people in a deeper way.

In short?

Stepping off the hamster wheel and stepping UP to being an entrepreneur.

In the world of entrepreneurs…

Page views? Matter less than you think. (Because you don’t want *any* traffic, just the right traffic.)

Profit? Simply means you’re changing lives.

And you never have to strain your neck to see what the blogger-next-door is doing…because the only people that matter are the customers you serve.

I’d like to issue you an invitation.

To quit the frantic search for MORE and to start saying yes to a simpler, more productive life. One where you call the shots, you set the hours, and you know that the thing you’re doing right now? Is the very thing that will grow your business.

The secret?

It isn’t a to-do list. It’s a process. A 12-week process I lead you through, step by step, where you’ll uncover the opportunities already in front of you and understand how to convert casual readers into your most passionate fans.

…And to let them pay you for it.

Get your one-way ticket to ditching the blogging Rat Race for good.

Blog Smarter business programOnce or twice a year, we open up doors for the Blog Smarter mentorship program, where you get the exact step-by-step process for turning your blog into a powerful brand so you can quit the endless cycle of publish-promote-publish-promote and step up to being a CEO.

But fair warning: Seats sell out FAST (every single time the doors have opened, we’ve had to close doors early!). Join the waiting list here, and you’ll be the first to hear when enrollment opens.

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Sue Dunlevie says

LOVE the hamster wheel analogy, Jeni. Plus that Pinterest board visual!

Thanks and have fun with your program

    Jeni Elliott says

    Thank you, Sue! We need to catch up sometime. 🙂

      Sue Dunlevie says

      Sounds like a plan!

Kristen @ A Better Way to Thrive says

That hamster wheel… yep! 😉

John says

Amazing thanks for beautiful article.

Scott says

Thank you for your advices how to grow a business. They are well-spotted! You captured the reality of it: if you don’t put your heart in it, don’t bother. But at the same time, it really feels like a hamster wheel when it becomes time-consuming and exhaustion.

james says

very useful advice thanks for sharing

Rohit says

Wow.Awesome.Thanx For sharing. 🙂

Aayush says

Wow. That’s Awesome article. Thanx for sharing.

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