The online mentorship program for bloggers who want to grow their business…while still having a life.

Sure, you could blog your life away.

You could squint at your Macbook until 1:30am,
wearily hammering out that third post for the week.

You could check your Pinterest-Facebook-Twitter-Instagram analytics
like a trained rat hitting the “food” button.

You could take on sponsored posts you hate,
just to raise your average blogging income to $4 per hour,

and pray that a big blogger links to you…soon.

Or you can learn how to connect with the right audience
and uncover the one thing they really want to buy from you
…that was in front of your face the entire time.

The online mentorship program for bloggers who want to quit limping along in the blogging rat race … and break through to
confidence, clarity, and—yes—cash, built atop your own solid brand.

Who It’s For

The Frustrated Blogger


You’ve been doing everything they said “successful bloggers” do.
Writing three posts a week.
Optimizing images.
Leaving comments.
…but still, the followers just don’t come.

And you’re starting to wonder:

What if those big bloggers do know something you don’t?

The fact is…
It doesn’t matter how many images you use
or how often you pin your posts on Pinterest.
It doesn’t matter how many words you write
or how many badges you add to your sidebar.

You’re shouting louder and LOUDER to get anyone to follow your blog,
when the big secret is?

People don’t follow blogs.
They follow leaders.

(…and leadership?
That’s something you can learn.)

The Tired Blogger


All those late nights, the Twitter parties, the two-hour link share sessions–
they’re just about to do you in.
If you’d known that getting traffic would be this hard?
You’d have quit before you started.
And it’s mind-numbingly frustrating to watch brand new bloggers cast out their lines
and reel in the “big fish” – while you’re still wading in the tide pool.

But deep down, you already know it:
The blogger who spends the most time blogging?
Dies tired.

The fact is, it doesn’t take 100K pageviews a month
to be a successful entrepreneur.

You can get away with blogging much less
if you build smart systems for your blog
that turn visitors into subscribers
and subscribers?
Into buyers.

And they’ll bend (their wallets) over backwards to thank you for it.

The Ambitious Blogger


You have goals. Dreams. Momentum.
You’ve put in the hours and turned that blogging dream
into blogging dollars.

…but all those late nights are starting to add up.
And if your partner has to go to bed alone many more times,
He’s going to ask you to get a real job.

This isn’t a “cute hobby” –
you have to make it work.
Not just for your family,
But for yourself.

So lean in and I’ll tell you a secret:
What you need?
Isn’t more followers.

With a simple discovery process, you can unlock the authority and credibility that will start winning hearts and minds right now so they won’t just be your followers
…they’ll be rooftop-shouting superfans.

And you can let the world’s most loyal readers –
come chasing after you.

What’s Included

In each of the six Blog Smarter learning modules, you get videos, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises, and the opportunity to apply the techniques immediately to your blog and business.

Registration is currently CLOSED.

Join the waiting list by clicking the Yes, Add Me to the Waiting List! button near the bottom of this page, and you’ll receive all the details…so you can feel great about your decision (either way) to enroll in Blog Smarter.

About Kelly Holmes, Your Blog Smarter Leader

Kelly Holmes

For more than 15 years, I worked as a professional writer and editor at a billion-dollar company, where I became the go-to expert on the best marketing techniques for getting readers to actually read and then take action. After I left my corporate gig, I built an online business from the ground up, which now supports my family of six—while I work just 20 hours a week.

I believe in setting up smart systems upfront, so no matter how much traffic you get, your blog is always moving forward.

Here’s what Blog Smarter grads are saying…

One month after finishing the Blog Smarter program, I pulled my stats.

My users had increased 44.63% over last month, and my page views had increased 45.23%. 😲 That’s insane!

Plus, that same month, I woke up one Saturday morning to discover someone bought my course! I had just finished aligning my sales page with the Blog Smarter strategy a couple days earlier, and I woke up with a surprise sale. 🎉

Sarah Brand Stockett

Custom Pilates and Yoga

I was exhausted with feeling like I had to do a million different things to get “better” numbers.

I didn’t want to work myself to death trying to grow my blog. I needed a better system, so I could enjoy life more…and I’m happy to say I’m doing that now! My blog has grown so much since Blog Smarter and my readers are so much more engaged. Some readers actually e-mail me on a regular basis now. This literally never happened before Blog Smarter.

My page views and email subscribers have both tripled in just a few months, and I’m finally making a full-time income, so that’s a wonderful feeling!

Danielle Rye

Live Well, Bake Often

I was worried this would be just another “10 Tips to Get More Readers” product.

I’d done so many free (and paid) smaller courses and was worried it’d be stock standard. I was completely wrong and truly surprised at how much material was covered I’d never thought of or done before.

Since the Blog Smarter program, my monthly product income has doubled, my overall income nearly doubled, and my email list grew by 50%. Not because of “grow quickly” tips, but because I’ve now positioned my business to grow exponentially without having to babysit it 24 hours a day.

Rachel Norman

A Mother Far From Home

“If I had a nine hours to chop down a tree,
I’d spend the first six sharpening my ax.”

Well, my friend, here’s your ax.
Let’s get to work.

Enrollment is Currently Closed

Join the Waiting List

The Blog Smarter program opens only once each year, and after seats are gone, they’re gone. Grab your spot and step up as the CEO of your blog and business.

I was worried about spending money when my blog didn’t make very much.

…but now my subscriber list is up 15x over what it was before Blog Smarter and soaring every month. I have real, solid, concrete steps to success now. I know what to do and how to do it. I’m not getting these “theoretical” ideas or concepts to try, but proven research methods. I go back to my notes often to refresh my plan and stay on task.

Rachel Ballard

Farm and Feast

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