002: How to Leverage Online Courses to Build a Thriving Membership Site, with Sarah Mackenzie

002: How to Leverage Online Courses to Build a Thriving Membership Site, with Sarah Mackenzie

What started out as a hobby for today’s guest, Sarah Mackenzie, has exploded into a podcast with over 1 million downloads that reaches tens of thousands of listeners each month. But Sarah’s favorite? The membership site where she brings the very best authors, events, and online courses to her audience…and makes a healthy income for her family. This ride has taken Sarah from burned-out blogger to Smart CEO.

Sarah from Read Aloud Revival, on the 10X Profit Podcast

In this episode, listen for…

  • Sarah’s nail-biting journey of “niching down” — including the entire website she gave away in the process.
  • The critical move from having a blogger mindset to becoming an entrepreneur
  • One key thing that helped Sarah start creating better resources to help her audience
  • Why she stopped giving away memberships for free, even to friends and family (hint: it’s not about making more money)
  • What has changed for the better in Sarah’s family life (6 kids, y’all!) since she decided to get serious about her business
  • Sarah’s move to selling physical products in her store, and how she’s gotten her kids on board with the family business
  • The bad habit Sarah still falls into from her blogging days
  • What happened when Sarah stopped making “pinnable images” for her blog (it’s not what you think!)

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Michelle says

Great advice about making the shift from being a blogger to being a business owner.

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