025: How to Cut Through Distractions and Get Work Done with Tricia Goyer

025: How to Cut Through Distractions and Get Work Done with Tricia Goyer

Do you ever struggle with the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life that you fail to get work done? Maybe for you, it’s the responsibilities of raising kids or taking care of household or the complexities of getting your business off of the ground.

Whatever distracts you from getting work done, I’m sure you’d like to have some solutions. Good news! Tricia Goyer is here to walk you through her life as a writer and provide some helpful tips about navigating family life, homeschooling, work responsibilities, and everything in between. Have pen and paper ready; you don’t want to miss a minute of this helpful episode!

In this episode, listen for

  • [1:20] I introduce my guest, Tricia Goyer.
  • [2:45] Tricia talks about her beautiful family.
  • [5:30] How did Tricia get started as a writer? What was it like with a large family?
  • [13:20] Tricia reveals her tips for balancing work and family life.
  • [20:20] How does Tricia avoid playing the comparison game?
  • [24:00] Tricia talks about how writing has informed her role as a parent.
  • [26:30] Dealing with reader feedback and reviews.
  • [30:15] Creating a routine and navigating life as a writer and homeschool educator.
  • [36:00] Managing a deadline.
  • [38:45] How a routine can help set you up for success.
  • [42:00] Tricia enters the Lightning Round; rapid-fire questions.
  • [54:00] Little steps add up.
  • [55:40] Closing thoughts.

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Navigating work-life balance.

I get it; building a business from the ground up is hard work. It can be exponentially harder to build that business with little ones under-foot! What can you do? How do you get work done and still care for your family? Tricia Goyer keeps things real and doesn’t put a pretty spin on the struggle; she is open and honest about the challenges of building a career while raising children. In our conversation, Tricia offered these helpful tips for staying on task.

  • Set up a two-hour block of time where you can work uninterrupted.
  • Be completely present and attentive when you are not working.
  • Try getting up early to work for an hour or two while everyone is asleep.
  • Communicate your goals and achievements with your family.

Do you plan on trying any of these tips from Tricia? What methods have worked for you and your family? To hear Tricia expand on these tips and more, make sure to tune in to this informative episode!

What does it take to navigate #WorkLifeBalance? Is it even possible? Hear how @TriciaGoyer makes it work for her family on this inspiring episode of the #BizMavens #podcast! Click to Tweet

Don’t fall for the comparison game!

Are you familiar with the comparison game? Have you ever been stuck in it before? Far too many people get caught up in the comparison game, always looking at what their neighbour has or what their peers have accomplished compared to what they’ve been able to do. How do you avoid getting caught up with comparing yourself, your family, or your business to others?

For Tricia Goyer, it all comes down to getting her priorities straight. Is she working her tail off and providing for her family? Is taking the time to connect with and care for her children? If the work gets done and the kids get loved, the rest seems less important. Before you think that Tricia just lets everything go in her home, you should know, that she also works to get everyone involved with the daily tasks of keeping the house in order. What system works for your family?

Little steps add up.

From navigating work-life balance to avoiding the comparison game, it seems like there is hardly any time to get work done! If you struggle to find the time and keep all the plates in your world spinning, you aren’t alone. Tricia Goyer encourages women like you to focus on what you can do each day instead of what you can’t get to.

Don’t let what you CAN’T do distract you from completing what you CAN do. If you can only get an hour in today, that’s OK! What task can you cross off of your to-do list today? Set yourself up for success and take those little steps in the right direction. Doing something, even if it is a little step is better than nothing! Learn more from Tricia’s inspiring story and her expert perspective on how to get work done by listening to this episode!

Couldn’t get ur whole #ToDoList accomplished today? Time 2 throw in the towel, right? NO! Just because u can’t get to everything doesn’t mean you can get SOMETHING done today. Learn how little steps add up on this episode of the #BizMavens #podcast! Click to Tweet

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Find out how to cut through distractions and get work done on this #podcast episode of #BizMavens with special guest, @TriciaGoyer don’t miss it! Click to Tweet Do you ever find yourself distracted by the success and accomplishments of your friends and peers? Discover how to avoid playing the comparison game by listening to this helpful episode of the #BizMavens #podcast with special guest, @TriciaGoyer Click to Tweet

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