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014: Delegate Your Way to Better Business by Hiring a Virtual Assistant, with Abbey Ashley of The Virtual Savvy

Online course creation, writing quality content, and sharing your brand story should be your main focus as an entrepreneur—not simple operating tasks. For many entrepreneurs, basic tasks like responding to emails and monitoring social media accounts chip away at the valuable time we have to focus on actually creating and developing within our company. On this episode of the 10X Profits podcast, founder of The Virtual Savvy, Abbey Ashley, shares how you can delegate your way to success by hiring a virtual assistant (VA).

She describes the best types of tasks you can hand off to a VA in order to maximize your productivity and creativity. She shares her own path to success as a VA, and explains why hiring a VA doesn’t have to be a painful, time-consuming process. You can’t afford to miss her insights.

Abbey, outsourcing expert for online courses

In this episode, listen for

  • [2:12] Abbey Ashley is making freelancing fun at The Virtual Savvy
  • [3:50] Abbey shares how she got started in virtual assistant work
  • [5:50] These kinds of tasks are the best to hand off to a virtual assistant
  • [12:00] Training a VA doesn’t have to be a barrier to hiring a new team member
  • [15:30] 2 main strategies to hiring the best virtual assistant
  • [20:25] What can you expect to pay a virtual assistant?
  • [24:15] Where can you find a great VA?

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Use these 2 strategies to discover a virtual assistant that fits your needs

Abbey encourages all entrepreneurs to not let the thought of “They just don’t do it right!” prevent you from considering a virtual assistant. After all, if you’re diving into online course creation, then to find the best candidate that serves your needs, you first have to move out of the mindset of “jack of all trades” into a focused CEO mindset. If you perfect the art of delegating and shift your way of thinking about your own role in the business, you’ll find that transitioning into using a VA becomes much easier.

The second strategy involves knowing what type of VA you’re looking for. Identify your weaknesses and hire accordingly. You can begin to determine a candidate’s chance of succeeding in your business by giving them a test project, having multiple interviews, and avoiding hiring out of desperation.

Abbey also explains the importance of leveraging your existing network to find potential candidates. They’re already familiar with your brand, and they may be the golden virtual assistant you’ve been looking for. To hear more about these strategies and why they work so well, be sure to listen to this episode of the 10X Profits podcast.

Use these 2 strategies to discover a #VirtualAssistant that fits your needs. It could be your ticket to increased #profit and productivity in your business. Don’t miss this interview w Abbey Ashley, founder of @TheVirtualSavvy. Listen now! Click to Tweet

These tasks can easily be handed off to a VA—saving your schedule for brand development and online course creation

“Solo-preneurs” need to avoid wasting precious time on simple tasks. In order to have time to develop your brand, focus on online course creation, and perfect your products, you MUST monitor your schedule. Track your time for at least one week and see which time-sucks exist in your business. Then, outline which of those tasks could be given to a virtual assistant.

Abbey discovered that many entrepreneurs spend upwards of 5 hours per week simply addressing basic emails. By using detailed templates and pre-recorded personal videos, the majority of emails can be handed off to a VA., so you’ll be freed up for online course creation! And yes, many of your outreach and research tasks can also be delegated. For the full list, don’t miss this episode.

Don’t let the fear of training a VA prevent you from hiring!

The biggest barrier to hiring a virtual assistant may be the seemingly overwhelming task of training them. But don’t let this fear stop you! The easiest way to prepare for training a VA is by creating standard operating procedures for your business. Use screen recording technologies, write down your procedures, create checklists, and outline your expectations. If you can provide a new VA with a snapshot of your business, they’ll be well on their way to successfully helping you find greater success. These training tools could even be incorporated into an online course that new hires have to complete. There will be a learning curve, but don’t let it prevent you from taking this step in your business. To hear even more great insights from Abbey, give this podcast your full attention.

What’s the secret to finding a great #VirtualAssistant? Leverage your #network! Learn more by listening to this episode of the #10XProfitsPodcast with guest Abbey Ashley, founder of @TheVirtualSavvy. Listen now! Click to Tweet

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