012: Using Live Workshops to Help You Develop Online Courses, Products, and Blog Content, with Ana Dziengel

012: Using Live Workshops to Help You Develop Online Courses, Products, and Blog Content, with Ana Dziengel

Investing time in hosting live workshops only enhances your brand’s ability to branch out and develop online courses, new products, and blog content. Ana Dziengel is a creative parent and leading blogger on children’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) education. She’s my passionate guest for this episode of the 10X Profits Podcast and explains how you can move from hobby blogger to professional writer.

Throughout this podcast, you’ll hear how she went from hobby blogger to published writer and creator of a wildly successful summer camp. She shares her secrets to successful blogging and why word-of-mouth marketing is essential.

You’ll also hear about why “pre-selling” your new project is critical for it to succeed. Don’t miss all the great insights contained on this episode. It’ll leave you thinking creatively and wanting more, so give it your full attention!

create online courses with live workshops

In this episode, listen for

  • [0:30] STEAM design, creative blogging, and focusing on your true passion are featured on this episode
  • [3:07] How guest Ana Dziengel went from architect to profitable professional blogger
  • [10:09] THIS is how Ana makes money on her blogs
  • [15:52] In-person workshops make Ana different from all other bloggers
  • [21:45] Word of mouth means everything for live events
  • [31:55] Insider information on Ana’s upcoming book on STEAM education
  • [37:27] Ana’s lightning round on this episode of the 10X Profits podcast
  • [53:27] Best advice from Ana for successful online entrepreneurship

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Live events made all the difference in Ana’s blogging career – don’t miss her story

Many bloggers focus solely on building digital content and an online community. These components are essential, but what launched Ana towards greater success was hosting live events. Her creative education blog reached her local community audience in brand new ways when she started a summer day camp for local kids.

Orchestrating live events takes a considerable amount of time, energy, resources, and physical facilities. Ana shares a few key insights she’s realized after hosting a few live events – here they are!

  • Your inspiration for a live event comes from your deepest passions and skill sets
  • It’s rewarding to see the in-person reactions to your project or product
  • People of all ages blossom in new, engaging environments
  • You MUST operate on a sustainable budget
  • Word of mouth marketing means everything in live events
  • Hone transferable skills (photography, videography, etc.) during the event, then turn that material into online posts

Ana is one of the most enthusiastic guests I’ve had on the 10X Profits Podcast recently, and you don’t want to miss her full story! Be sure to listen.

The best tips for successful blogs and how to develop online courses in your niche market

Creating a successful blog isn’t just about well-written content. The best bloggers today create online courses, have in-depth lead pages, great photography and graphics, and focus on a niche market. Ana learned from firsthand experience on how to make all the moving pieces fit together, and she wants YOU to learn from her journey. Check out these great tips and more on this podcast episode:

  • Follow your heart – combine your passions with what works professionally
  • Commit to the long-term process of blogging
  • Don’t be ad-centered, be product-focused
  • Diversify your online income stream
  • Give yourself guidelines to follow, narrow your focus, and crush your niche market

What’s the #1 tip Ana shares in this episode? Work on your SEO ranking for every. single. post. It’s a slow, yet surefire way to increase your web traffic and gain the type of followers that truly matter for your brand and blog.

Pre-selling your new projects is essential for success – here’s how to create a plan that works for YOU

Sales is simply the transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another. Pre-selling your projects is one way to share that enthusiasm and passion, without making it feel forced! Pre-selling creates an organic type of buy that is already out there – you just have to capture it.

You can integrate pre-selling techniques into your existing online content. Create online courses and “name drop” your new project or product in the material. Post about the upcoming project on social media, without any type of “ask” attached. Essentially, you need to rethink the traditional launch sequence and make talking about your passion projects as natural as possible. You’ll see the engagement rates for your new project skyrocket if you’re gradually building up to the release. To hear more details on the pre-selling technique and how Ana used this very method in her own blog company, don’t miss this episode.

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