004: How to Take Quick Action & Create Products to Sell, with Nancy Bandzuch

004: How to Take Quick Action & Create Products to Sell, with Nancy Bandzuch

Being a Maker isn’t for the faint of heart. Those who blaze a path with their business have one thing in common: they’re brave. But bravery in business isn’t what you might think. In this episode, I chat with Nancy Bandzuch from Do Small Things with Love. In just a few weeks, Nancy took an idea for her community and turned it into a profitable offering that her customers just can’t stop telling people about. After my chat with Nancy, I talk about bravery in business and what you need to focus on to grow as a maker and entrepreneur.

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In this episode, listen for…

  • Nancy’s decision to serve what – to her – seemed like a very small market (and how she picked them)
  • The mindset shift that allowed Nancy to move from $5 printable patterns to her first premium product
  • How Nancy overcame her fear that her audience would see her as greedy, and how they actually responded when she launched a higher-priced item
  • What happened when she created a product that wasn’t exactly what her audience needed (and the smart solution she discovered to give them the right thing!)
  • The “silly goal” Nancy had, and how she finally achieved it
  • AND yours truly, Jeni, riffing on fearbravery, and where you should keep your focus to do big things in business

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