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The 3 Essential Skills You Need to Make Money (+ have an impact!) as an Entrepreneur

Chuck Noland couldn’t speak French. He couldn’t play the piano, and he certainly couldn’t whip up a cheese soufflé. But none of that mattered.  Because when Chuck was marooned on an uninhabited desert island in the middle of the Pacific, all those “nice to have” skills were USELESS except for three things: Finding water and […]

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The Kind of Success That Will Burn You Out (+ HOPE for the weary blogger!)

The Blog Maven | Blog Smarter.

ONE MILLION DOLLARS. That’s how much money most folks think they want to make with their blogs. Sure, it starts out simply enough. Y’know, follow a basic tutorial on “how to start your blog” and actually blog from the heart when you first start out. But as soon as you paste some ad code in […]

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