The Importance of Blog Backups

Or, Avoiding Your Worst Nightmare This afternoon I got a phone call from my good friend and colleague Emily White.  It went something like this: [Me] Hey, how’s it going? [Emily] Um…my site is gone. [Me] Like, it’s not loading?  Sometimes that happens.  Just wait a couple of hours and check back. [Emily] No, as […]

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(What to Do) When Another Blogger Steals Your Photos

What to do when someone steals your photos | A Post by The Blog Maven

Last Thursday I got an email from a blogging client and friend.  It read, “I have a situation where somebody has already stolen a photo from my web store. What should I do about it? There is no question it’s my photo.” Cathy had followed a pin on Pinterest that featured her photo…but ended up […]

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How to Find Your Blogging Voice

To truly connect with your readers and build a community around your blog, you’ll need to do it with your own voice, your own style, in your own way…and with your readers in mind. If you’ve been blogging for awhile, chances are, your writing has taken lots of twists and turns.  But now is the […]

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How to Make a Media Kit that ROCKS

Make a Media Kit in 10 Easy Steps | The Blog Maven

What is the #1 thing that will make you stand out to potential blog sponsors and convince them that your blog is the right investment for their advertising dollars? Two words: Media Kit. Whether you’re new to blog sponsorships or a seasoned veteran, having a polished and professional media kit will give your sponsorship program […]

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6 Great Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

7 awesome pinterest plugins for wordpress |

I have to say a big thank you for all the Pinterest love I got on my 9 ways to get Pinterest users to your blog post. Y’all blew it up. So thanks. 😉 You already know I’m a huge fan of WordPress – and if you’re a self-hosted WordPress blogger, you have lots of […]

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Creating Content Pinterest Users will LOVE

Pinterest tips for bloggers |

It’s no secret that Pinterest is an amazing source for generating new readers for your site.  And if you’re a seasoned DIY or food blogger, chances are, you’ve already seen this at work on your blog.  But Pinterest isn’t just for the big people; it’s a tool that ANY blogger can harness to increase their […]

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Gravatar: Get More Blog Traffic from your Comments

Gravatar: The Commenter's Key to More Blog Traffic |

If you’ve been reading blogs for awhile, you’ve probably noticed that some people have their picture next to the comments they leave.  How do they get those snazzy photos up there?  They have a Gravatar. Gravatar is a free service that will automatically add your profile picture to comments, discussion forums, and other places around […]

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How to Encourage More Comments on Your Blog

If your blog looks like a ghost town, it's time to focus on getting more comments. I'll give you 12 ways to turn your ghost town blog into a boom town.

Have you ever published a post, then waited a few days…and only heard crickets? Feels a little lonely, hmn? Well, if you’re looking to build your blog, you have to start with the most basic of all things: creating community.  And the lifeblood of a thriving community is the discussion.  Not only does good discussion […]

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Partial RSS Feed vs. Full Feed: Keeping your Subscribers (and Sponsors) Happy

Full Feed vs Partial Feed - Keeping your blog subscribers happy |

One of the most difficult decisions a blogger makes when moving their blog to WordPress is the format of their blog feed.  Do you want to deliver your entire post to your readers via Feedburner, or should you just give them an excerpt (a partial feed), and then have them visit your blog to see […]

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Blog Sponsorships: Finding a Match Made in Heaven

Sponsorships Finding a Match Made in Heaven | The Blog Maven

The success of your sponsorship program hinges on one thing: whether your blog sponsors are a good match with your readers.  Whether you’re just getting started or have been running a sponsorship program for years, it’s important for both your sponsors and your readers that you get this right. I had a recent conversation with […]

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