Your business is looking stronger already...

Your business is looking stronger already…

Success! You’ve been moved to the waiting list for the next session of Blog Smarter.

That tells me you believe in yourself (you VALUE yourself) enough to stop wasting time on your blog and finally do things the right way.

You already know it’s not enough to HAVE a business – you need a rock solid one so you can quit babysitting your blog and actually have a life.

Blog Smarter business programDoors to the Blog Smarter experience open only once a year, but since you’re on the early notification list, you’ll know before anyone else. Pinky promise.

…so who are our grads?

Hardworking ladies (and gents) like you who went from blogger to Smart CEOs, and they look like this:

Rachel N., a seasoned blogger (and mom of 5) who already had a few products of her own. She says,

Blog Smarter alum Rachel N.I was worried this would be just another “10 Tips to Get More Readers” product. I’d done so many free (and paid) smaller courses and was worried it’d be stock standard. I was completely wrong and truly surprised at how much material was covered I’d never thought of or done before.
Since the Blog Smarter program, my monthly product income has doubled, my overall income nearly doubled, and my email list grew by 50%. Not because of “grow quickly” tips, but because I’ve now positioned my business to grow exponentially without having to babysit it 24 hours a day.”

Carla S., a new blogger who had been blogging for just five months, and who has gone on to launch and deliver her own profitable online program! She says,

Blog Smarter Grad Carla Sanchez-AndersonI was all over the place with my blogging — I was putting all my time into things that weren’t taking me anywhere financially.
The Blog Smarter program gave me clarity and a specific path to make my blog a business, and I have the tools to get me there. This would have taken me three years to do on my own.”

Jenn R., a food blogger who was following all the “rules” but getting nowhere. She says,

Blog Smarter Grad Jennifer RoeIt was a big risk for me to spend money on this course because I needed something that was truly going to help me long term…and I knew that I was missing something with blogging, but I couldn’t figure it out. I had worked on my photography. I work hard to provide quality recipes. I have been shared multiple times on much bigger sites only to see my traffic spikes dwindle.
I honestly felt like I got my money’s worth after the first two weeks. I am leaving this course encouraged and empowered. You gave me the tools to build a solid foundation for my blog, so that it can not only grow but prosper. This has been an amazing experience. It was everything I was looking for and more.”

Blog Smarter is the gateway drug for going from blah-blah-blogger to Smart CEO.

Kelly HolmesAnd now YOU will have the opportunity to step up and join them with more clarity, confidence, and a solid system for converting your readers to believers.

When we’re getting ready to open enrollment, I’ll email you with more info about the Blog Smarter program so you can decide if this is your time to steer your business where you want it to go and take back your life.

I’ll be in touch!