Sorry, you can't access this cutting-edge business strategy...

...because you're in the UK or EU and your country is enforcing GDPR.

(womp wommmmmp...)

To be clear, I love Europe. Bien sur, je parle français, y también hablo español. And of course, I speak English as well, although the UK (despite Brexit) is applying the same rules far outside their legal jurisdiction as the EU.

I love the idea of protecting your personal data, but the implementation of GDPR is terrible.

It hurts me as a small business owner and forces me to spend precious business strategy and product creation time on jumping through vague but stringent hoops, trying to cobble together compliance with the dozen-odd tools I use to bring my services to market. GDPR rewards huge corporations with legal and marketing teams and punishes solo business owners like me.

I'm a single mom of 4 kids. I also run an honest, smart business helping women like me multiply their profits so they can spend more time with their families and make an impact on the world through their businesses.

So I'm protecting the lifeblood of my own company — my creative energy and precious time — and blocking access to Biz Mavens for visitors from the UK + EU. I'll miss you. I really will. And at whatever point the EU simplifies and clarifies the GDPR to make it possible for the average small business owner to comply, I'd love to see you again and will welcome you with a red carpet and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Heck — I'll even break out the champagne.

Until then, please write to your own representatives in the EU and share your concerns.

À bientôt...Hasta la próxima vez...Arrivederci...Auf wiedersehen!


Jeni B.