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Kendra Burrows

How are you winning this week?

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I don't often wish I were a man, but when I do it's because

  • I want to be able to pee outside (how cool would that be on an out-of-the-way bike ride?!)  
  • or I want a wife

I see all the big CEO guys and think, "I could do that if I had a wife to take care of all the other stuff!" But truth be told, I don't want a "wife" to mother my kiddos and take care of my house. (Though someone to do the laundry and schedule the appointments might be nice.) 

As unique women, we bring our amazing gifts to ALL areas of our lives, including our businesses. And in busy seasons, it's easy to forget that we're not just building a business; we're building an integrated life we love.

So while Mr. Big Shot CEO is compiling his list of mergers and NYC ad campaigns, our wins look smaller.

But we know that our work is enduring and that we're growing and building great things — even though it's sometimes easy to forget. So let's intentionally remember.

In your efforts to build a life you love, how are you winning this week? I can hardly wait to hear!

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