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  1. Hey everyone! I help discouraged people build their savings account even when life happens. I've noticed after setting up the golden question and then abandoning my blog for a couple of months (life) that many of my readers have reached something pivotal in their lives and many of them are thinking about saving money for the first time ever. So I am trying to niche more into that area than I had been before. I also write for large family moms since I have 6 kids of my own. My biggest struggle is thinking that I have to be "all the things" to "all the people". If I write about something, I think I need to cover every possibility and a couple of side topics at the same time. I've been reading The ONE Thing and it's really helping my perspective! Also, going back to Blog Smarter videos from time to time reminds me to STOP IT already. haha! But if I don't take those reminders often, I easily shift back to that "all the things" default setting. This coming school year, I'll be sending 5 of my kids to school. (Last year I only sent 3.) Having just the baby at home should give me more time to work (I hope) but there's a long summer before that happens. So I'll just keep plunking along! This is sooo good, @Kristen Smith! It's something I need to remember, too.
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