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  1. Hey Jeni, Things started getting clear for me when I identified one client--actually, both the mom and her young daughter were my ideal clients. Then I got this idea to go really deep and just BECOME her for a while. I imagined myself inside her body, and started journaling as her. In her voice, I visited my website and asked all the questions I thought she would ask. I took her through the journey I thought she would take, responded to her needs, spoke her language. This process was HUGE for me. I realized she was looking for things I didn't offer--and I had to figure out how to respond to that. Should I offer it? Write a blog post about it? Craft my messaging in a way that led her away from that and to something else? Partner with other people who offered it? It affected how I created my product. I changed my entire concept because of that exercise. It was really fun, and it helped me reframe everything I was doing in a way that felt really laser focused and relevant to my ideal client.
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