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Hi! I'm Tonya and I've been a Biz Maven since 2018. The Blog Smarter program helped me to realize the need to divide my brand so I can truly serve the needs of two very different markets.

Great Moms -- Great Moms is a community of moms who just want more. Most either work at home (creative consultant, VA, etc.) or work outside the home in a demanding industry. About 30%, though, fall in between. They have either left the workforce to be at home with their families or they want to, OR they are considering returning to the workforce but aren't sure if they are still marketable or if they can still be the mom they want to be if they return to work.

Tonya Kubo LLC -- I serve communicators (writers, speakers, podcasters) who desire to build community in online spaces. My TM isn't content to just have a large followings, they want a connection with and among their followers. Specific services I offer here are online community management, book teams (manuscript development and launches), strategic planning and consulting.

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