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  1. Home page / landing page example
    IT'S ALIVE! Landing Page/New Brand

    Holy Moly! I feel like I've been 11 months pregnant and have finally birthed the 13-pound baby!

    Quick background: As a result of Blog Smarter, I realized I had two brands that needed a conscious uncoupling. My mom blog and coaching needed its own place and now lives at www.greatmoms.org (Lots of work needed over there. Divorce is ugly). My social media services are now living single over at www.tonyakubo.com and true to the nature of the bachelor, the furniture is limited but it's a nonstop party.

    Landing page w/ freebie: http://bit.ly/EasyFBFix

    If you sign up for the freebie, you get a video on Facebook and then your welcome sequence begins. You can also unlock the ability to purchase my services (will eventually link these to the homepage but launching the landing page came first). The welcome sequence includes an offer for one of my services at discount. It's a $225 custom service that I'm offering as a group ecourse at $97 only to new subscribers.

    New look on Facebook directs all eyes to the freebie: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTonyaKubo

    In other news, a Facebook Live video posted Sunday to include in my welcome sequence resulted in a new client yesterday who purchased a $750 service. Not sharing to brag; sharing to say the Biz Maven ways work when you work them.

    And now, I'm going out to reward myself with a giant slab of pumpkin pie.

    Thanks to all the Mavens out there - you have inspired and encouraged me in ways you'll never know.


  2. how to ask for a testimonial and picture
    Meeghan's new homepage
    16 hours ago, Meeghan Mousaw said:

    .I actually pulled them off of TpT for the product I sell there that is similar to the product on my site...  Can I use fake pictures? UGH.  

    Yes, the conundrum... I don't think it's a problem to use a fake picture on those for now, if you have absolutely no access to those people and they posted the review publicly. ...but that's simply a way to "bridge the gap" while you're looking for 100% authentic words/photos/names. Obviously you want to run this business ethically, and that feels a little "iffy," but I'd set a 3-week goal of getting the real deal. ;)

    If you have people's words and names but don't have their photos yet, it's best to simply reach out via email and say something to the effect of...



    "I noticed you left a great comment about your experience with _____ [product]. Thank you so much for your honest review!

    I'd love to feature you on my site as one of our success stories, if you're open to it. Let me know!"


    ...and then when they give you permission, you can simply reply and ask them for a photo as well. I've found that people are very obliging (and even grateful) when you do it this way!

    Cc: @Shannon Clark @Meeghan Mousaw

  3. SEO resource
    SEO training resource

    If one of your quarterly targets is growing your traffic through SEO (don't follow any rabbit trails if it's not, ladies!), I found a great set of YouTube tutorials that walks you through what's important:


    He has a report on the top 10 On Page SEO Plays for 2018 here:


    ...and if you want to use the Ahrefs tool he's talking about, you can get a free trial for 14 days, which will give you plenty of time to explore.

    ::wink wink::

  4. resource for surveys
    Lessons learned from our pilot program launches
    On 7/20/2018 at 4:58 PM, Shannon Clark said:

    Is it safe to re-evaluate my TM based on just 8 active members of my program?

    Yes and no. 

    It's definitely safe to re-evaluate a portion of your marketing based on the 8 active members of your program...for several reasons. First, if you're giving these women an amazing experience, you'll be able to turn around and ask them for referrals. So they'll be sending their friends to you, most of whom are likely in the same exact spot.

    Are these women showing you places you need to change the content of the program?

    It's more likely that the same core material will work for a number of different types of women in a number of situations. In that case, you could primarily target this really involved + active type, but you could have alternative marketing for the other personas. (That's not something you have to do immediately, obviously, but it's something you'd build toward eventually!) It may be worth looking into Ryan Levesque's Ask Method...and you can probably glean everything you need from just his book.

  5. kick off call for course
    Lessons learned from our pilot program launches
    On 7/20/2018 at 1:42 PM, Shannon Clark said:

    Next time I think I'll ask my people what time would work best for them instead of just setting a time

    Great lesson! 

    The "Kickoff Call" at the beginning of Blog Smarter is designed to help break the ice, introduce people to myself and former grads of the program, and to set the tone for how hard it is, but how worth it, if you keep showing up and doing the work. Part of this too, is setting the expectation of temporary setbacks they'll experience, and encouraging them to keep moving forward. I've found that kickoff call to be CRUCIAL in the development of my community.

  6. inserting vulnerability into course
    Lessons learned from our pilot program launches
    On 7/20/2018 at 1:42 PM, Shannon Clark said:

    There can be lots of shame surrounding money

    This really struck me @Shannon Clark...and @Brandice Lardner the same thing applies to food issues as well.

    Do you know...one of the toughest parts about Blog Smarter for me personally is all the psychology/counseling/therapy that comes up during the program?!? These women are wrestling with a lot more than the content of the course—they're dealing with self worth, their self image, wrestling with past failures, wondering whether they "have what it takes" to actually be successful, etc!  I wonder what that looks like for your programs? Is there a way you can help incorporate more of the "soft" side into your teaching, to make vulnerability and acceptance the norm?

  7. Yes yes pricing
    Yes-Yes Pricing question

    You're correct— Yes-Yes pricing has a less than 10% difference between the two offers. You're essentially offering two different products, if you wanted to go with Yes-Yes pricing.

    For sure, the offers need two different names. I had the "Intensive Mastermind" vs. the "Self Study option." You simply need a good way to talk about each offer, and your readers need a way to talk about them, too.

    A couple of possibilities...

    1. Sell the coached version first to the 6 available spots, and THEN offer the self study option one week later, once those 6 spots are full. That would allow you to do the Yes-Yes pricing with each one.
    2. Offer both at the same time, but make it absolutely clear who each one IS and IS NOT best for. (It's going to be much harder to sell the top package this way)
    3. Only offer your coached version this time through, focusing on getting some amazing testimonials, and then introduce your "self study" version next time you launch.

    Top shelf pricing (whatever that means in your market) requires some powerhouse selling, and that's why testimonials + case studies are so key to being able to sell them well.

    As far as your pricing on the top version, there's a big mental break between $99 and $100; $199 and 200; $299 and 300. The $248 doesn't make sense—psychologically it seems closer to the next highest natural break, which is $300. So I'd offer it at $199 or $197 the first time you do this, and then if seats fill up quickly and you get amazing testimonials to support a higher price, you could move the price to $297 the next time you offer your program.

  8. Email vs. Blog post topics
    Should my email sequence offers be in the form of blog posts?

    *If you already have something to sell* (caveat), then the kinds of things you write about on your blog are completely different from the kinds of things you write in sales sequence emails.

    For example: a blog post might be about...

    • "X tools to help you..."
    • "X mistakes people make when..."
    • "The ultimate guide to..."
    • "Are you ready for X? Here's how to tell..."
    • "X unique ways to..."

    Whereas an email sequence would have things like

    • mindset shift. What do they currently think about X that's completely wrong and keeping them stuck?
    • Your personal journey (filled with drama + challenges, of course) to get better at X/become X
    • A strong opinion
    • Solving a specific question people are asking about
    • A story about an interaction with a client, which casts you in an authority/advice-giving role, and the results they got
    • "Real talk" (an unmasking) about what it looks like to do X (sharing the messy parts, building trust)

    And then you can mention and link to your product in each email, but you're no longer trying to attract new readers with those emails. You're simply giving them the psychological proof they need to take the plunge, and you're building your authority + trust along the way.

    Of course, straight-up promotional emails are part of the game as well, when you have a product, but these are the types of things you'd do in an email vs. in a blog post.

    Does that make sense @Leslie Osborne?

  9. Thoughts on serving your readers
    How much is too much free content + drowning in info...

    I think a give doesn’t have to be a free thing, but a connection where the reader feels you’ve invested in them. 

    Ooo I love that @Jessica Fisher

  10. deadline plugin for evergreen funnel
    Anyone familiar with Deadline Funnels? Changing up my sales strategy.


    17 hours ago, Jen Crider said:

    Does any of this sound like it makes sense?   Am I on the right track?


    I L-O-V-E Deadline Funnel. It's so easy to use compared with everything else. The nice thing is, with DF you're only working with 3 pieces: your sales page, your intake forms, and your emails. You don't have to get into theme stuff or messing with settings on individual products...but you will need two versions of your product (one with bonuses, one without) like you mentioned.

    Now...just a word of caution...before I move anything to evergreen, I make sure everything is working exactly like I want it to in the course. Usually by running a pilot/beta like we talked about in last Saturday's Mastermind call, getting feedback from students, getting good testimonials, etc. The problem with evergreen funnels is...if there's something "broken" about your course, you never know where the problem is...and you end up paying month after month for the evergreen software, but it disguises what could actually be an issue. Like the price point. Or the packaging. Or the community involvement. Or the "whatever-it-actually-takes to make your people successful." Just my $0.02, but for me, automation is the last thing I do before creating something new for the same people who bought the first time.

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