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  1. So I'll be honest. I think I'm still learning to listen! But I am getting better since Blog Smarter. I don't think I ever listened, all I did was simply post on what I wanted to post about. Maybe what was seasonal and strike my fancy. During the BSP, I found it very difficult to learn how to listen. I don't think it was until after that all the pieces fell into place. I kept going over my survey responses and that's when I realized that I had a group of people coming to my site that were avid enthusiastic home bakers. They are there for inspiration but also how to grow their skills and try more complicated recipes. It was then that I realized what I need to focus on. Although my site always focused on baking from scratch recipes, I have embraced including step by step photos and more advanced recipes. When they told me their pain points were "working with yeast, or cake decorating" I realized these are advanced topics. I do have included "the baking 101" posts but my readers are beyond that. They want to learn more and expand their skills. That was a major "aha" moment for me and keeps me focused when I plan out posts.
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