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  1. The first time I ever considered looking through my content, to make connections on what my readers actually wanted, was in 2017 when I took the BSP. Up until that point, I was a lifestyle blog, focusing on a variety of topics and providing everything I possibly could on “mindfulness” living. But after collecting and sorting through data, I realized there was an area I had overlooked. A post about my experience with a low-histamine vegan diet was getting a huge chunk of my traffic, and so I added a sign up form just to see what happened. In the first week I got 20 signups, and by the end of the month I had close to 100. This was SHOCKING to me, because I never even considered this as a market. In the months following, I got a flood of emails, asking a million and one questions regarding this diet shift. It was amazing, to say the least. Because of this insight, I pulled together a recipe book and released it in February of 2018. The creation of the list and the cookbook ultimately landed me as a guest on Victoria Moran’s podcast, which was a huge win for me, considering that she’s a top dog in the vegan community. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t done the work, to LISTEN to what people were asking me to do on the blog. It was a pivotal point for me, because it made me realize that I had been stretching myself too thin with other topics. Niching down, while appearing to offer less, actually offers more in the long run. In 2018, I made a full rebranding of my blog to Bohemian Vegan Kitchen, and I continue to get emails every day about that one post. This year, many things have fallen into place, and while it’s not always easy, I’ve definitely learned what the power of listening can do for your business.
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