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Do you relate more to the Tortoise than the Hare? Does your "day job" prevent you from progressing as quickly as you'd like? ...where "Day job" = mothering, homeschooling, paid job, caring for parents... whatever adds extra challenges to your world? Is it difficult to maintain emotional momentum when your brain moves faster than your business can in this season? If you love being a Biz Maven and get excited watching our Sister Hares take large strides, but long for regular encouragement, camaraderie, and accountability from fellow Tortoises... This is the place for you. Because slow and steady is still forward motion! ❤️

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  2. I don't often wish I were a man, but when I do it's because I want to be able to pee outside (how cool would that be on an out-of-the-way bike ride?!) or I want a wife I see all the big CEO guys and think, "I could do that if I had a wife to take care of all the other stuff!" But truth be told, I don't want a "wife" to mother my kiddos and take care of my house. (Though someone to do the laundry and schedule the appointments might be nice.) As unique women, we bring our amazing gifts to ALL areas of our lives, including our businesses. And in busy seasons, it's easy to forget that we're not just building a business; we're building an integrated life we love. So while Mr. Big Shot CEO is compiling his list of mergers and NYC ad campaigns, our wins look smaller. But we know that our work is enduring and that we're growing and building great things — even though it's sometimes easy to forget. So let's intentionally remember. In your efforts to build a life you love, how are you winning this week? I can hardly wait to hear!
  3. Hey everyone! I help discouraged people build their savings account even when life happens. I've noticed after setting up the golden question and then abandoning my blog for a couple of months (life) that many of my readers have reached something pivotal in their lives and many of them are thinking about saving money for the first time ever. So I am trying to niche more into that area than I had been before. I also write for large family moms since I have 6 kids of my own. My biggest struggle is thinking that I have to be "all the things" to "all the people". If I write about something, I think I need to cover every possibility and a couple of side topics at the same time. I've been reading The ONE Thing and it's really helping my perspective! Also, going back to Blog Smarter videos from time to time reminds me to STOP IT already. haha! But if I don't take those reminders often, I easily shift back to that "all the things" default setting. This coming school year, I'll be sending 5 of my kids to school. (Last year I only sent 3.) Having just the baby at home should give me more time to work (I hope) but there's a long summer before that happens. So I'll just keep plunking along! This is sooo good, @Kristen Smith! It's something I need to remember, too.
  4. These are GREAT take-aways! Thanks for sharing, @Kristen Smith
  5. Hi! I'm a business without a business (yet). I love to help women tame their mind mosquitoes using scripture and the science of how God made us. One of my struggles: my eyes are too big for my plate. 😉 Cheri Gregory has an analogy about plate size, and my plate size is small (due to a full time day job + the way I interact with my family + my own personality), but I want to fill it like I'm at an all-you-can-eat buffet that closes in 10 minutes. But my biggest struggle is not that I can't make progress, or don't recognize the progress, or even that I get discouraged at the slowness (though I do sometimes). My biggest struggle is, in the midst of the slowness, I lose so much time & energy picking myself back up. In addition to the hurdle of getting back into the work, I spend too much time re-motivating myself and re-convincing myself that my plan is sound (and that I’m the one to do it). Working on it, though.
  6. Thank you for getting the tortoise moving on this idea, @Kendra Burrows! My site serves Christians who are interested in natural health. I'm a trained herbalist and certified aromatherapist, so they look to me as an expert and I feel like they trust me pretty well. I'm working through a brand pivot right now that I hope to make a lot of progress on this summer. My "day job," or really, 24/7 job, is homeschooling momma to 7 kiddos, ages 14 to 1, and wifey of a bivocational pastor (school teacher by day, pastor by every other waking moment). I love being with my kiddos all day. I don't resent this stage of life at all. But. There are times when my ambition and competitive nature gets the best of me, and it's hard to watch others succeed when I feel like I'm climbing uphill with weights on my back. I'm working hard at digging into those feelings, and I've realized a few things: 1. When I'm tired or discouraged, I can read other people's success as my own failure. I know this isn't accurate, so I'm working to recognize that, name it, then dismiss it. 2. I can slip into seeing these other "successful" ladies as my competition, instead of my colleagues. So I'm working to intentionally cheer them on and be happy for them. There is enough success to go around. 3. I'm learning, sooooo slowly learning, that small success counts, and failure is only failure if I can't learn from it and move on. I know those things in my head, but don't often feel them enough to believe them when I'm faced with a disappointment. I've realized that my biggest struggle comes down to something Jessica Fisher said in a different Biz Mavens thread. I have to be content with the boundaries God has placed around my business. I can't resent them, wish them away, or try to jump over, push through, dig under, or try to get around them. Thinking of these limitations as boundaries has done so much for my focus and attitude.
  7. Hey there! Whether you're moving slow and steady for a season or the tortoise is part of your temperament, welcome!! Introduce yourself, please! Tell us about your business and your biggest struggle. Can't wait to cheer each other on!

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