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Setting up your member profile

It’ll take 5 minutes or so to set up your member profile, but your community experience will be so much better as a result. 🙂

Step 1. Go to the community forum area

To edit your member profile, go to the community forum.

Step 2. Change your display name

By default, your display name will the username you signed up with…which means that’s what other Biz Mavens will see. To change this to display your real name or nickname, click the toggle arrow next to your name in the upper right, then choose “Account Settings.”

In “Account Settings” you’ll see Display Name. Click “Change” and change your display name. This will be shown on the community forum.

Step 3. Access your profile

Now you’ll be editing your profile.

At the top right of the community forum area next to the tiny icons, you’ll select your name. This will toggle down a menu.

Select “Profile.”

Step 4. Change your photo

On your Profile page there will be a circular photo area in the left hand corner next to your name. Click on ‘Profile Photo’ here to add your photo.

In the box that pops up, you can select whether to upload a photo from your computer, or simply to use a Gravatar if you already have one set up.

If you choose the Gravatar option, you’ll enter the email address associated with that account.

Click “Save” to save your profile photo.

Feel free to add a cover photo as well, if you wish.

Step 5. Edit your profile details

In the top right of your profile’s cover photo area is a button called “Edit Profile.” Click that to open your profile options.

Add as many fun details as you like! This will help your teammates get to know you better.

Step 6. Start posting!

You’re now ready to start posting in the community. Jump right in and introduce yourself here! You can start a new thread by clicking the “Start new topic” button in the top right of the forum category page.

Once you’ve introduced yourself, be sure to explore the rest of the Community and jump into threads, or start your own Action Plan!